I am an artist. I am emotional. I get hurt and sad. I have survived a war in my country and seen many horrible things but hoped that I will never have to see or hear of those horrible things again. September 11th, 2001 left me stunned. It was an attack on the free world, an attack on everything I believed in, an attack on everyone of us. But isn’t that what they really wanted us to feel? Weak, fragile, defeated? They want us depressed, living in fear and darkness. This is why we are going to celebrate life. We are going to shine a light in the darkness. We are going to “fight” destruction with creation. We are going to create works of art and show that the brave ones create, while the cowards destroy. We are stronger and we will prevail. The American People are not alone. Kosovo may be a small country, but it has a big heart, a grateful heart for all of those who fought for Kosovo’s freedom. And Kosovars will never forget, will always stand by the American People through all their challenges. That’s what true friends do. This Festival will light candles every September 11th, not to grieve but to disperse the darkness and chase it to the end of the world. Welcome to the Nine Eleven Dedication Festival.

Blerim Gjoci Festival founder and Producer